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The Quality & Quantity Control Manager is responsible for overseeing and enforcing quality and quantity standards within the Company. The Quality & Quantity Control Manager manages quality control measures, inspection processes, and quantity assessments to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality properties within budget and timeline constraints.
1. Quality Assurance:
  • Develop and implement quality control processes and procedures for construction projects.
  • Conduct regular inspections and audits to ensure compliance with design specifications and quality standards.
  • Collaborate with project managers and construction teams to address and resolve quality issues.
  • Implement corrective actions and continuous improvement initiatives to enhance quality performance.
2. Quantity Control:
  • Monitor material quantities and usage to optimize resource allocation and minimize waste.
  • Coordinate with procurement and inventory management to ensure timely availability of materials and supplies.
  • Analyze project budgets and cost estimates to ensure alignment with project requirements.
3. Documentation:
  • Maintain detailed records of quality control checks, inspections, and quantity assessments.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports on project progress, quality compliance, and resource utilization.
  • Communicate findings to senior management and suggest improvements when necessary.
4. Supplier and Vendor Management:
  • Evaluate and select reliable suppliers and vendors to ensure a consistent supply of quality materials.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key suppliers to negotiate favorable terms and resolve issues promptly.
5. Team Collaboration:
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers, to align quality and quantity objectives.
  • Provide guidance to construction personnel on quality and quantity control procedures.
6. Regulatory Compliance:
  • Stay updated on industry standards, building codes, and regulations related to quality and quantity control.
  • Ensure all projects comply with relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
1. Skills:
  • Technical Knowledge: understanding of construction materials, methods, and industry standards. proficiency in reading and interpreting blueprints, plans, and specifications.
  • Quality Control Tools: familiarity with quality control tools and techniques, such as statistical process control, Six Sigma, or lean methodologies.
  • Project Management: competence in project management software and tools to track progress and manage resources effectively.
  • Data Analysis: ability to analyze data related to quality and quantity metrics, and use this information to make informed decisions.
  • Budget Management: skills in analyzing project budgets and cost estimates to ensure alignment with project requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: knowledge of relevant local, state, and federal laws, building codes, and regulations.
  • Computer Skills: proficiency in using software tools for documentation, reporting, and communication.
  • Communication: effective communication skills to convey quality and quantity control requirements to cross-functional teams.
  • Problem-Solving: strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify issues and develop effective solutions.
  • Attention to Detail: meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all aspects of quality and quantity control are addressed.
  • Adaptability: ability to adapt to changing project requirements and unexpected challenges.
  • Teamwork: collaborative mindset to work effectively with various stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers.
  • Time Management: effective time management skills to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Continuous Improvement: willingness to promote a culture of continuous improvement in quality and quantity control processes.
  • Negotiation: negotiation skills to work with suppliers, vendors, and contractors to ensure quality materials and favorable terms.
2. Qualifications and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or related field (Master's degree is preferred).
  • 7+ years experience in quality control and quantity assessment in the Real Estate Development industry.
1. Internal:
  • Project Director: provides regular updates, seeking guidance, and collaborating on quality and quantity control efforts to ensure project alignment and successful resolution of issues.
  • Project Execution Team: collaborates closely on quality and quantity control processes and sharing insights for project alignment.
  • Architecture & Design Team: collaborates closely to ensure that quality and quantity control measures align with the project’s design specifications and architectural requirements.
2. External:
  • Suppliers and Vendors: negotiates contracts, managing relationships, and ensuring a timely supply of quality materials and resources.
  • Regulatory Authorities: complies with regulations, communicating with regulatory authorities, and providing documentation as required to meet legal standards.
  • Partners and Alliances: collaborates with external organizations to align quality and quantity control efforts for joint projects or initiatives.

Note: The above tasks and responsibilities are not exhaustive and may be subject to change based on the needs of the company and the evolution of the role.
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