We have been serving investors in Dubai and UAE real estate for over eight years, owing local expertise and global experience in the international market.

What we do

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Personal services of development or owner-developer.

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Pre-project stage
  • search and purchase of land, or evaluation of existing land for the possibility and expediency of construction;
  • definition of main technical and economic parameters of construction project;
  • calculation of investor's cost estimate;
  • business-planning of the project, assessment of investments economic efficiency;
  • development of comprehensive time schedule of project implementation.
Design and construction
  • development of a detailed technical assignment for design taking into account investor's requirements;
  • conclusion of a contract for technical consulting and technical supervision;
  • project management with optimization of timing and cost of construction;
  • arrangement of a tender for the selection of a general contractor;
  • regular meetings on the project, necessary reporting to investors/creditors;
  • close monitoring of all construction and engineering processes by our own team of engineers with over 15 years of experience in the region;
  • ensuring performance of construction works schedule;
  • commissioning;
  • obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from authorized agencies.
  • development of the sales plan, marketing and promotion of the facility;
  • organization of sales of premises;
  • selection of project brokers, cooperation with partners;
  • escrow account opening, cash receipt, payment control;
  • registration of contracts in DLD;
  • after commissioning — units transfer to customers.


We help you to get great financial results from replacing old buildings with new ones! This is an actively growing real estate segment in Dubai. We work with promising locations of urban development.

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Working with us you workin tandem with experts:
  • selecting the most favorably located objects;
  • design;
  • obtain all necessary permits;
  • install all types of works on the construction of the building;
  • organize sale/leaseback.

Design Development

From concept to full realization and handover: we develop complete interior design projects for residential and public spaces.

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We know how interior design affects the rental price and quality of life, how to combine coziness with a visual identity, even in a typical space, and how finely each detail of the interior must be integrated into a single concept. It can be endlessly explained how we make spaces ergonomic and incomparable, but it's better to see it once:
  • a full range of services for the selection of furniture, materials, lighting;
  • development of individual joinery for the customer;
  • designer's project support and quality control of works performed at the site.

Capital Projects Analysis

Marketing studies in real estate market research and project validation. Analysis of new development projects for opportunities and feasibility in certain areas of Dubai.

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We research the markets, compose the projects validation:
  • analyze the markets of residential, hotel and commercial real estates and conduct competitive analysis;
  • forecast the dynamics of supply and demand;
  • develop apartment layouts and sales plans.
Analyze the opportunities and feasibility of new development projects in certain areas of Dubai:
  • extended SWOT-analysis of the area, analysis of building characteristics and location of the site, transport accessibility, infrastructure;
  • collection and analysis of town planning restrictions;
  • feasibility analysis — evaluation of the project in terms of feasibility; allows to determine the segment in a certain market, forming main preconditions and conditions for project financial success and evaluation of its perspectives;
  • determination of basic technical and economic parameters (TEP) of building on land plot;
  • collection and provision of data: demographics and housing market, prices, demand, number and volume of transactions;
  • forecast of prices and sales rates, recommendations on the apartment layouts;
  • financial modeling of the project: potential terms of realization, costs budgeting, cash flow forecast, calculation of efficiency indicators — ROI, NPV, IRR, payback period;
  • conclusions on the economic feasibility of acquiring the site;
  • sensitivity analysis of the project to changes in key parameters;
  • consultation on sources of funding taking into account RERA requirements;
  • drawing up the financing schedule of the project.

Investment Consulting

Professional assistance in selection of land (or other real estate object) for investment, with a detailed analysis and recommendations for purchase or refusal.

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Types of consulting, as a result you have all the necessary data to make a balanced, objective decision:
  • selection of land properties, real estate objects, analysis and comparison of different variants;
  • analysis of the current project, of the already available feasibility and the financial model in order to check their reliability, efficiency and optimization of technical and economic indicators;
  • forecast of prices and sales rates, preparation of analytical reports on particular areas (regions) or real estate market segments, the Mideast countries.