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Sales Department
Sales Director
The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the successful execution of multiple projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. The Project Manager plays a vital role in driving project success, fostering collaboration among the Project Execution Team, and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders.
Assisting Sales department:

- Collecting documents for Clients’ profiling (ID, Contact details, KYC)
- Preparation / drafting of Booking Form up to preparation of SPA
- Preparation of documents to be signed by Management
- Tracking documents status
- Binding SPA
- Disseminating signed documents to the clients / sending follow ups for incomplete requirements to the client
- Coordinating with Sales Admin regarding the request for shipments of SPA
- Preparing Sales report for Projects (SHI, SHII, VTL etc.)
- Preparing Sales status report
- Directly coordinating with the Sales Admin regarding commission requests and registration of agencies
- Answering broker request / questions (e-mails, WhatsApp communication etc.)

Assisting Controlling and Sales Audit department:

- Assisting Controlling and Sales Audit department on documentation (BFR and SPA)
- Encoding leads and deals on Bitrix24
- Maintaining hard copies/originals filing of signed documents to its respective cabinets
- Maintaining soft copies filing of signed documents to its respective folders on SharePoint

Customer Service:

- Assisting clients that are coming to office to sign documents or to pay for their units
- Quality checking the documents signed by the client
- Disseminating acknowledgement letter / signed BFR / signed SPA to the client
- Updating the clients on their documents
- Answering clients’ queries / requests
- Updating Project Documents Register on a daily basis (SHI, SHII, VTL etc.)
- Coordinating with Legal department on OQOOD registrations, contract of sales, legal notification letters and all related legal matters

Accounts and Finance department:

- Creating Customer Orders (CO) in 1C and supporting them with signed BFRs/SPAs
- Managing the receivables collection by sending timely reminders and notifications (Upcoming Payment Reminder, Overdue Payment Reminder, Outstanding Payment Reminder, Cancellations) to clients in compliance with company internal standards
- Monitoring the outstanding payments per unit
- Reporting to Management on client response to reminders/notifications/legal actions
- Calling the clients with outstanding / overdue payment whenever necessary
- Tracking timely preparation of SPA drafts and their approvals (minimum 24% should be paid)
- Sending Proforma / Tax Invoice to the client and generating Statement of Accounts
- Validating Statement of Accounts for each of the unit
- Supporting Accounts and Sales Departments with proof of payments to ensure its correct allocation

Job Description for Customer Service responsibility:

- A bachelor's degree in business administration, management, or a related field is typically required


- A minimum of 2-3 years of experience in customer service with Real Estate
- Experience specifically in the UAE construction market is highly beneficial due to the local regulations and market dynamics


- Strong negotiation and analytical skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, proficiency in using procurement software and tools, and a good understanding of cost control measures and budget management.
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