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Renovation project for a company in Dubai

The office in I Rice Tower is a private renovation project where we provided a turnkey office design for a company in Dubai, taking into account everything necessary for comfortable work with appealing colors and a unique interior.
In the meeting room, we have installed a television with video conferencing capability, a whiteboard, and designated storage areas. Each office is divided into two zones: a work area and a relaxation area. The common workspace is divided into eight workstations, each separated by plastic screens to minimize distractions. We placed two graphic elements at the ends of the workspace. Despite the predominantly monochromatic interior, we incorporated two bright focal points to provide visual relief during extended computer use, allowing for eye relaxation

Design solutions

Interior design

The office design features a natural colour palette, complemented by wooden and stone textures. This combination creates a visually comfortable environment, enhancing focus and minimizing distractions.
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Renovation project for a company in Dubai